About Machine Learning – Why not

This blog space is all about sharing and being open-minded on data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, focusing mainly on life science-related topics.

Why – well, returning to data analytics after 20+ years and realizing that the environment has drastically changed from closed academic circles with peer-reviewed publications and few in numbers involved, to a vast, open-source and community-based development was refreshing. So, in that latter spirit, this blog site is set up. And hopefully a contribution to that spirit.

I do have a fair understanding of data analytics through training and experience. Try Google Scholar and search for Sven P. Jacobsson if you are interested in confirming.

I will solely entertain Python as a programming language and with very little ambition in writing excellent code by myself. It is more about trying and applying what I find interesting in the published literature, whether from scientific journals, blog posts such as Medium and Towards Data Science, or other web pages.

As for data, this blog will mostly deal with open-source full available datasets. For data that is under more restricted rights, please visit And I pledge to give full credit to the coders and codes I have used and reused.

I welcome all sincere and supportive communications, corrections, and how to do things better. Just contact me.